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Posts of official U.S. Government reports including those submitted through the War Department and the Department of the Interior.

The Unpublished Manuscript of Major L. S. McCormick, 7th Cavalry

The Indians broke in the general direction of their village and endeavored to penetrate the line of Troops “B” and “K”, but the soldiers stood their ground and returned the fire to the best of their ability. [Note: In December … Continue reading

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Sergeant Emanuel Hennessee and Private Frank Mahoney, G Troop, 7th Cavalry, Conspicuous Bravery

It was the Army that brought Frank M. Honey, the son of a disabled Union veteran, and Gus Hennessee, the son of a disabled Confederate veteran together during the Pine Ridge Campaign of 1890-1891. On the day following Wounded Knee, these two troopers voluntarily stood shoulder to shoulder in a valley near the White Clay Creek, and provided critical suppressing fire from exposed positions on a ridge enabling their squadron to break contact and withdraw. The Commanding General of the Army recognized their conspicuous bravery with honorable mention in general orders, and following their enlistments, the two troopers went their separate ways. They were two men from different backgrounds and different futures who courageously fought together on 30 December 1890 as comrades in arms in the 7th Cavalry. Continue reading

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Brigadier General John Rutter Brooke and His Forgotten Campaign Report

The gallantry of officers and soldiers in the action at Wounded Knee is worthy of the highest praise. Women and children were killed and wounded, but this could not be avoided under the circumstances. By the fall of 1890 Brigadier … Continue reading

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