The Non-Commissioned Officers of C Troop, 7th Cavalry

This photograph of eleven non-commissioned officers of Captain Jackson’s C Troop, 7th Cavalry was probably taken in the summer of 1890 at Fort Riley, Kansas. The first sergeant seated in the center likely was Thomas M. Carrigan, who completed his second five-year enlistment that August and left army life settling in Denver, Colorado. The tall gentleman standing center on the step was Sergeant John B. Turney, who succeeded Carrigan as first sergeant and held that position at the battles of Wounded Knee Creek and White Clay Creek. First Sergeant Turney wrote numerous letters home during the campaign, three of which survive today. The other non-commissioned officers of C Troop, but not specifically identified in the photograph, were: Sergeants Adlof J. Tompson, Oscar Dorsner, John J. C. Newport, John Dolan (transferred from L Troop on 12 December 1890), and George Wetz, Corporals Peter Sorenson (on furlough during the campaign), Forest J. Casner, Walter A. Horton (also on furlough during the battles), and Jacob Baus, Trumpeters Thomas Connolly and Emil Renand, Farrier John Jordan, Blacksmith Vaclao Andolik, Saddler Horace Graham, and Wagoner Charles W. Haden.

Note: This photograph was graciously donated by John F. Turney of Alamagordo, New Mexico, with express permission to post to this website.  Further copies of this photograph are not permitted.

Citation for this article: Samuel L. Russell, “The Non-Commissioned Officers of C Troop, 7th Cavalry,” Army at Wounded Knee (Sumter, SC: Russell Martial Research, 2013-2014,, posted 29 Mar 2014, accessed ______.

About Sam Russell

I am a fifth-generation retired Army officer with twenty-nine years of commissioned service. I have been researching the frontier Army for over eighteen years and am interested in documenting the lives of the soldiers that participated in the battle of Wounded Knee using primarily official reports, diaries, letters, newspaper articles and other primary source documents. My interest in Wounded Knee stems from my kinship to one of the principal participants. I am the great-great-grandson of Samuel M. Whitside, who was a major and battalion commander at the battle. I welcome and encourage comments on posts and pages and am always interested in any new primary sources. If you have copies of letters, diaries, etc, from participants and are willing to share, please contact me. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are strictly my own, and should in no way be construed as official Army or U.S. Government positons.
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